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Staff Directory

Scofield Middle School Staff Directory


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6th White Team

Name Title Other
Ms. Elisabeth Rosano ELA Website
Mrs. Susan DeBrisco SS Website
Mr. Adrian Arango Math Website
Mr. Josh Fabryk Science Website
Mr. James Forde Tech  

6th Turquoise Team

Name Title Other
Mr. George Talboys ELA Website
Mr. Jim Fallon SS Website
Ms. Dana Annattone  Math Website
Mrs. Jewelle Brice-Ferdinand  Science Website
Mrs. Kathleen Brooker Art Website

7th Black Team

Name Title Other
Ms. Stacey Grant ELA Website
Mr. Frank Santorella SS Website
Ms. Lauren Cascio Math Website
Ms. Dione Clinkenbeard Science


Ms. Heidi Beutler Tech Website

7th Silver Team

Name Title Other
Mr. Nick Sollitto ELA Website
Mr. Max Suthers SS Website
Mr. John Winter Math  
Mr. Brian Highland Science Website
Ms. Carrie Bell Art Website

8th Gold Team

Name Title Other
Mrs. Lee Ann Heller ELA  
Mrs. Tracy Vodola SS Website
Mrs. Eileen Wargo Math  
Ms. Julie Moyer Science Website
Mrs. Samantha Kanner Art Website

8th Purple Team

Name Title Other
Mrs. Annie Muoio ELA Website
Mrs. Kim Mazzeo SS Website
Mr. James Neufeld Math Website
Mrs. Nathalia Whitlock Science Website
Mr. Steve Melillo Tech Website

Exploratory Teachers

Name Title Other
Ms. Adriana Bertola Spanish  
Dr. Lou Paris Spanish


Mrs. Nicole Marciano Spanish


Mrs. Theresa Moriarty Music/Chorus  
Mrs. Rose Cerreta


Mrs. Keely Norton Technology Integration Support Specialist  
Mrs. Jennifer Ferris Lab Exploratory/GIS  
Mr. Joe Butkovsky Lab Exploratory/Tech Website
Mr. Stephen Brienza PE/Health  
Mrs. Vickie Summa PE/Health  
Ms. Fabozzi Strings  

Support Services


Parent Facilitator

Ms. Barbara Mroz


Ms. Lindsey Lamb

Reading Support

Ms. Christine Quackenbush Reading Support  
Mr. Doug Fetchin Teacher Support Leader  
Ms. Michelle Mallozzi Math Support  

Resource Teachers

Name Title


Ms. Lauren Schneider

6th Grade Resource

Mrs. Kathy Shannonhouse 7th Grade Resource  
Dr. Angela Butler 8th Grade Resource  

School Counselors

Name Title Other
Mrs. Je-Nean Fox White/Black/Gold/Green  
Mrs. Betsy Benenson Turq/Silver/Purple/Green  


Name Title Other
Mr. Scott Clayton Principal
Mrs. Donna Gardner Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Title Other
Mrs. Stacey Burkhardt OSS/Webmaster
Ms. Dolores Rubino OSS