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Student Life

We are a learning community that fosters high achievement for all students.  We believe the honors curriculum has significantly reduced the gap that exists in student achievement. The CT State Department of Education has noted that, at Scofield, our "high needs" students exceed state and local averages in achievement. We are also recognized as a "Spotlight School" for the New England of Middle Schools because of our record of effective teaching and learning practices of adolescents.  

Teachers and administrators at Scofield challenge their students, as well as themselves, to become life-long learners.  They collaborate to exchange knowledge and share best teaching practices.  Daily Advisory gives the students and teachers an opportunity to be reflective and gain understanding of each other. Various projects, presentations and small group practices at all grades enable students to become fact-finders, thinkers and communicators.  

8th Grade Exhibition is the culmination of the school mission to create independent and responsible learners prepared for 21st Century challenges.  Each 8th grader selects a technology focus of their choice and engages in interdisciplinary research, teacher feedback and family support to complete their Exhibition.   Scofield students leave the school confident and ready to pursue further educational goals and ambitions.